Spring Schedule 2024


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 Program Levels | Benefits

Spring Session 2024

The Spring Session is here! Registration is open for ages 8-18. Classes are conducted at Mohawk Park Golf Course, Page Belcher Golf Course, and Rock Creek Golf Course in Sapulpa, OK.

PLEASE NOTE: The First Tee of Tulsa is moving to a hybrid of age-based + progression level class structure.  For this reason you will see age ranges and levels reflected on schedule.  You will also see level's associated with a couple of classes.  

Program Levels

There are eight levels of promotion in the program, each addresses different life and golf skills. If you are not sure which level your child should register for, you can email Coach Terran at [email protected], or you can call us at 918-591-4168.


The Sorenstam level is the first level of First Tee — Tulsa. Students are introduced to the game of golf, and some of the basic fundamentals - lining up putts, chipping, grip, stance, posture, and more. Participants are also introduced to the First Tee — Tulsa code of conduct - "respect for myself, others, and my surroundings" - and our 9 Core Values - honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment. Students must be 8 years old or turning 8 years old during the session.


The Jones level is the second level of First Tee — Tulsa. Participants continue to learn the basic fundamentals of golf, as well as new shots. Participants are also exposed to competition through class, as well as expanded life skills lessons.


The Hogan level is the third level of First Tee — Tulsa. Participants begin to fine-tune their fundamentals and are asked to learn and follow the pace of play on the golf course. Students are taught how to play golf on the course as well as golf course etiquette.


The Whitworth level is the fourth level of First Tee — Tulsa. Participants begin to play consistently on the golf course in this level. They are also taught the Nine Healthy Habits that promote a healthy, active lifestyle, which consists of nine health and wellness topics - energy, play, safety, vision, mind, family, friends, school, and community. Students must be 10 years old to register for this level.


The Palmer level is the fifth level of First Tee — Tulsa. Students play on the golf course regularly in this level. This level also focuses on management of emotions, abilities, time, and golf course.


The Birdie level is the sixth level of First Tee — Tulsa. Here students play on the golf course regularly. They also focus on goal setting and apply and create goals for not only golf, but for school, careers, and more. Students must be 12 years old to enroll in this level.


The Eagle level is the seventh level of First Tee — Tulsa. Here, students play on the golf course regularly. They also focus on management of finances, self-management, and managing goals for the future.


The Ace level is the eighth and final level of First Tee — Tulsa. Students play on the golf course regularly. The life skills portion of this level focuses on life after high school with an emphasis on career exploration.

Benefits To First Tee — Tulsa Members

Special Note: We thank Tom Wolff and his staff for extending privileges to our participants and their families - a simple "Thank You" trip to the golf shop is welcomed.  These perks apply during active session participation, expiring at the session's end. Reinstatement requires registration for the next available session.

Available to you:

$2.00 9- Hole Green Fee for Pecan Valley Course (Front 9) | Applies to Participant and One Adult chaperone | Tee time reservation are NOT allowed + On weekends and holidays the special rate only apples after 2:00 PM

Free range balls | for members and one adult chaperone 

Free golf lessons | We provide all equipment necessary during lessons. (Feel free to bring your own clubs if you have them.)

If you have any questions, give us a call at (918) 591-4168 or email Assistant Director Terran at [email protected].

*Group leaders and organization leaders, there are more opportunities available for you. If you are interested in bringing a group of kids, we would love to talk to you and find a time that would best fit your activity schedule. Please contact Executive Director Janice Gibson by phone at (918) 591-4168 or by email at [email protected]