Empower the Next Generation

The First Tee of Tulsa is going strong as 6,432 students have participated in programming this year!

The mission and vision established in 2001 by Mr. Nick Sidorakis, long-term president of the First Tee of Tulsa, and the late Mr. John B. Johnson to keep the program free to all continues to this day. The vision provides the opportunity for children and teens from all socio-economic backgrounds to participate in the year-round program at no expense to the child or family. This is what makes the First Tee of Tulsa special. There are 150 chapters in the First Tee national network; we are the only chapter in the entire national network that delivers all programming free of cost.

In the past few years, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect in our society and a negative impact in our youth socially, emotionally, and academically. Now more than ever, our program is needed to provide a place for students to grow as individuals not only personally but academically. In addition to more than 80 hours of life skills training, there were several opportunities provided this year including an ACT Test Prep, a STEM program, a College Prep Class, and a Reading and Math Class.

For 20 years, the program has continued to expand in various ways including the number of geographical areas served and the number of students who have participated. Your contribution has made a difference. The students who graduate from our program are now leaders in our city taking their place in the work force and are contributing citizens of our community. They recognize the significance of being respectful, honest, and responsible. They acknowledge the life lessons they learned at First Tee positively influenced them to set lofty expectations, pursue their dreams and face challenges with a motivation to succeed.

Alumni serve as our best ambassadors of the program; Jon Paul Ray is a prime example. Jon Paul grew up at the First Tee of Tulsa attending classes for 10 years. He played collegiate golf and earned a Business Management degree from Central Christian College of Kansas in 3 years. He will graduate from Law School at the University of Tulsa this spring following successful completion of the bar exam.

Jon Paul Ray quoted “This program taught priceless life skills that continue to open doors for me.”

As the program continues to grow, our budget grows exponentially. To achieve bigger and brighter goals, we are asking you to consider making an end-of-year donation to the First Tee of Tulsa.

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Thank you for your consideration of an end-of-year gift to the First Tee of Tulsa. We would appreciate your support!


Janice Gibson

First Tee of Tulsa

Executive Director